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Mazda RX8 DNA High Performance Stage 3 Air Box Kit

Designed for RX8 1.3L (2003-2012)

DNA Filters
Supplier : DNA Filters
Part Number : AK-RX8MK3-S3
Barcode : 5212008305093
ERP Code : DNA-1004

DNA replacement air filters are designed to increase horsepower and acceleration while providing excellent filtration. These filters are washable and reusable and are custom designed to fit into your existing factory air box.This Filter Stage 3 is ideal for Mazda RX-8 1.3L 2003-2012. The DNA air filter gives you increased airflow without sacrificing filtration ability. This makes them very good value for money.

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product details


Make: Mazda

CC: 1300

DNA Air Box Flow:8.152Ltr/Min

DNA Increased Air Flow: 69.66%

DNA Filtering Efficiency: 98-99%


Product Information

This DNA High Performance Stage 3 Air Box Kit AK-RX8MK3-S3 for MAZDA RX8 1.3L 2003-2012, features:

  • Taking under consideration the unique feature of this engine that requires a 'smooth' air passage and very high air flow, to perform flawlessly! DNA has designed a very unique 'clamp on' filter, which features a streamlined venturi and a nice smooth "aerodynamic" top in order to eliminate "turbulence" increase the air flow and not "mess up" the MAF sensor.
  • Included in this kit is a CNC machined aluminum, black anodized, MAF body, which replaces the plastic stock MAF body that is an 'one piece' molding with the air box. This precision DNA MAF body has an 86mm diameter, as the stock one. Optional DNA MAF bodies will be available in over-size & under-size, to match your customers' specific requirements.
  • This S3 Kit will increase the Power & Torque and provide top notch protection to the RX8, with a filtering efficiency of 98-99% for maximum engine protection!
  • Extreme air flow 8.152 LTR/MIN@3 Inches of water; results in an impressive " 69.66%" increase in air flow! Over the stock air box & filter!
  • Incredible engine response & Sound!
  • Epoxy coated "Heat Shield" with Plexiglass transparent cover, which protects the filter and keeps hot air out and cold air in and allows the beautiful DNA filter to be visible!
  • Shipped ready to install, including 'photo installation info, and air flow Graphs.
  • Designed for high performance road, race and track use.
  • This Stage 3 application is developed for race & track use and in some countries it may not be legal to use it on the road.

Installation Info for

DNA Mazda RX8 MK3 Stage 3 AirBox Kit:

The DNA Stage 3 AK-RX8MK3-S3 Air Box Kit is designed to replace the stock air box and increase the Airflow, Power, Torque kai Throttle response.

Spesially developed for Race & High Performance road applications.

Attention!The Installation must be carried out by a qualified mechanic.


The following procedure is necessary if you use the DNA S3 Air Box Kit:

  1. Remove the plastic engine cover. Disconnect the MAF sensor and remove the stock air box completely. Unbolt the MAF sensor from the air box, be very careful! Do not drop the MAF sensor. For removing all the above follow the instructions found in the official workshop manual.
  2. Assemble the DNA heat shield as shown in the photos bellow:





3. Install the heat shield in the engine bay where the air box used to be. Bolt the heat shield using the 2 stock bolts at position A & B and ‘push lock’ the 2 front studs, in the stock rubber grommets at position C & D.


4. Now you must install the MAF body supplied by DNA.(see paragraph No. 9 before installing the MAF) Attention! There is a flow direction. The MAF body must be installed as shown below:


The DNA filter side has 5 thin grooves that match the filter. The car intake side has 3 large grooves. Additionally there is an arrow engraved on the body showing the flow direction.

5. Install the stock MAF sensor on the DNA MAF body using the 2 M4X10 Allen bolts supplied by DNA. Following install the MAF as shown below, using the inox clamp supplied by DNA:


6. Remove from the stock air box the 2 rubber grommets A & B :


7. Install the grommets on the DNA heat shield. The rubber grommets are necessary for securing in place the engine plastic cover.


8. Connect the MAF sensor


9. Install the DNA filter, DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN! And the plastic engines cover.


WARNING! Be sure that the MAF body has been installed correctly in the DNA filter and the air flow passage is nice and smooth! The filter / MAF body connection is a precise connection, all 5 grooves of the body must match the ribs found in the filters ‘neck’ and the filter must sit square with the body. It is recommended that you try to connect the two parts before installing them on the car, in order to understand how they connect.

A ‘smooth’ air passage is absolutely necessary for the RX8 to perform flawlessly!

DNA has designed a very unique ‘clamp on’ filter for this application, which features a streamlined venture and ‘round’ top in order to eliminate ‘turbulence’, increase the air flow and not ‘mess up’ the MAF sensor. See below cross section of this New DNA filter:


10. Bolt in place the transparent Plexiglas cover using the 4 M5X20 Allen bolts & washers supplied by DNA. Congratulations you have finished installing your new DNA Stage 3 KIT!


Follow the above procedure each time you service the filter. Filter should be serviced approximately every 6.000-9.000 km. Use the dedicated DNA Service Kit DSK-2001 (sold separately) to clean and re-oil, following the instructions included with the service kit.

Notice: Re- mapping your ECU is recommended if you want to fully take advantage the high flow.


The Anatomy of a DNA High Performance Filter

This is what Power is made of!

A DNA High Performance Filter is a high quality, next generation multilayer cotton gauze,flameproof, oil impregnated air filter.


1. The DNA Cotton


This very special cotton is designed by DNA's R&D engineers for High Performance filtering purposes. The basic media is a non woven surgical cotton gauze with a modified TEX & THREAD, with extremely high strength of break. This unique cotton media, actually is a "hairy hybrid" featuring extremely high air flow rates and excellent filtering efficiency that exceeds 98%.


2. The DNA Wire Mesh


The DNA wire mesh, is a very special material designed by DNA's R&D engineers. Made out of marine grade 5000 series Aluminum, features a unique "wrap & fill" and precisely calculated wire diameter, to have the necessary high tensile strength and elasticity to last a lifetime. Additionaly it is protected against oxidation by a fine layer of epoxy coating. The DNA wire mesh is designed to perfectly support the cotton layers and at the same time not restrict the air flow.


3. The DNA Filtering Media


The DNA Filtering Media consists of 4 layers of DNA cotton, sandwiched between 2 layers of DNA wire mesh, precisely pleated all together. We produce a very wide selection of media, starting from 8 mm to 50 mm height, with an infinite size of "Pitch". Actually we can choose from an unlimited combination of DNA Filtering Media when designing a new filter. Another important feature of our filtering media is the "Large pleat edge radius". This feature allows the edge to be an active part of the filtering media, instead of a "dead" inactive area as our competitors is. The result is a unified high air flow of the filter. The only drawback of this design is that the media is very sensitive during production before molding and must be handled with extreme care, increasing the production cost.


4. The DNA Filter Oil


This is an extremely important part of the DNA filter. As soon as the DNA Oil is added to the cotton media, the cotton is "static charged" and transformed into an unbeatable filtering material! To achieve this fantastic result we have developed a unique air filter oil formula. The specifications of our DNA Air Filter Oil are as impressive as our filters are. Humidity will not attack the oil, even if the filter is submersed in water. The flow of the filter remains unchanged even under extreme rainy conditions with high humidity. (We have seen many competitors' filters transformed into a "milky mess" when it rains, severely reducing the performance of the engine). The oil has low viscosity, plus very high temperature resistance and stability. It will uniformly spread and stay on the filter regardless the temperature. Additionaly, it is UV resistant and easily soluble to assist cleaning the filter.


5. The DNA PU (elastomer polyurethane)


The DNA PU is a thixotropic material, that we use to manufacture the high quality "frame" of the filter, with unique material specifications. High tensile strength with the necessary hardness for each application, high temperature, fuel and oil resistance, the DNA PU will keep the filtering media in place, it will absorb vibration and will last for a life-time.


6. The DNA EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate polymer) closed cell seals


We use only high quality EVA seals. Precisely cut and factory installed (glued) using industrial grade adhesive, guaranty a perfect airtight sealing and trouble free filter installation for the user. The DNA EVA seals and the industrial adhesive are fuel, oil and temperature resistant. Additionally the DNA cleaner will not affect them when the filter is cleaned!


7. The DNA FCd design technology


The DNA FCd design or "Welcome to the Future"! At least 20% and up to 80% more filtration area, using DNA FCd technology is common. The unique revolutionary design, an innovation by DNA, allows the pleated filtering media to follow precisely the air box contour, regardless the complexity of the shape, seriously increasing air flow. Taking advantage of the complete footprint of the air box, we eliminate "dead spots" that rob power. If the area is there why not use it!


The DNA High Performance Air Filter in action


It is a dirty job, but somebody has to do it!" Find out how a DNA High Performance Filter works to protect your engine efficiently, without compromising performance!


Human "technology" inspiration!


The "technology" that our DNA filter uses to clean the air is surprisingly common to all of us. It is part of our body; we use it constantly to stay alive! It is part of the Human respiratory system that filters the air we inhale! Tiny moistened hairs called cilia protect the nasal passageways and other parts of the respiratory tract, filtering out dust and other particles that enter the nose with the breathed air. The DNA filtering cotton media is exactly that, millions of tiny fibers that are oiled!

The "hairy hybrid" as we call it, is a genius combination of cotton fibers per square millimeter. The Tex & Thread, of this unique cotton, is a result of intensive research, by DNA's development engineers. The "hairy hybrid" impregnated with DNA's special filter oil, is transformed into the remarkable DNA media that provides very high filtering efficiency and extremely high flow rates.


Trap "enemies" by static charge!


We designed the DNA Filter to acquire a positive static charge as the air passes through the pleated and oiled filter media. The weak static charge will very efficiently "pull" on the oiled cotton fibers, the debris and dust that are in the air; remember in science class at school, the pen rubbed against wool that can attract small bits of paper, experiment? This is exactly what happens, as the air flows through the filter, debris even as small as 5 microns will change course and stick onto the fibers, regardless if the "holes" between the fibers can be as large as 150 microns! The first layer of debris on the fibers will then absorb some oil, get statically charged and become part of the filtering media! And guess what, it will start attracting new debris assisting the cotton media in its filtration chore!Finally debris will continue building up on the surface of the filter, as air passes through, until it is totally covered (see photos below).


Extreme testing environment.


Our filters have being successfully tested even in the harshest environments during the DAKAR Rally! Through Argentina up to the Andes, and down to the Atacama Desert in Chile. The dreadful "Fesh-Fesh" (Guadal) fine powder desert sand of the Atacama Desert, was succesfully kept out of the race engines, outperforming the foam filters!

So the myth is busted, the DNA filters can successfully be used in any environment, on and off the road, in the desert or the outback, DNA will be there to protect you.


Here comes increased torque & power.


The DNA filter will also smoothen out the air flow stream, as it passes through the filter, reducing turbulence and sending smooth clean & fresh air towards the engine intake, increasing torque and power. Additionally to the high air flow, smooth and unified air flow is very important. This explains why we see a decrease in the power output when testing a bike or car on the dyno "without" a filter as the circulation of the air in the air box is disturbed and the result is turbulence and low power output.


FAQs About DNA Air Filters

Does the DNA filter provide the same level of protection as the OEM filter?

Yes and even better, the DNA filters have a filtering efficiency of minimum 98% (ISO 5011 test). Good quality OEM paper filters are from 97% to 99% and the foam filters are from 92% to 97%.

What is filtering efficiency?

Filtering efficiency is the amount of "dirt" the filter can maintain (stop) and protect the engine efficiently. For example, the DNA Filter for every 100 grams of dirt that it will receive, it will "trap" 98-99 grams, and this applies even to fine dirt as small as 5 microns.

What is ISO 5011 filtering efficiency test?

The percentage of dust that the filter retains during a laboratory test, following the ISO 5011 protocol.

How does DNA measure the airflow and why is this data useful for me, the end user?

DNA uses the most advanced computerized ROTRONICS flowbench available today. The complete procedure is computer controlled/automated, to avoid human error. Additionally, wa always test the DNA filters back to back, the same day and time, with the stock OEM filters and publish the results. Reading our data, you can immediately see the differences in air flow, between the 2 filters and what to expect by using the DNA filters.

Other performance filters manufacturers, claim air flow data much higher than DNA for the same model, is it possible? I also tried to find the stock OEM filter flow data from them to compare.Can i use the DNA Data?

It was brought to our attention, so we purchased the filters and tested them back to back at the same set pressure, with our DNA and the stock OEM filters. Well guess what, the data claimed were false, nothing to do with the reality! Of course the flow was higher than the stock but much lower compared to the DNA! No wonder they never compare it with the stock, as they can't claim 300% (!) increase in air flow over the stock OEM filter. Only data measured back to back the same time are comparable, don't forget we are measuring air! This is why we always publish the stock OEM data.

Can I change my OEM filter with a DNA without changing fueling?

In cases the air flow of the DNA Filter is extremely high we include with the filter special instructions.

I have heard that only the foam filters are good for Off-Road use not the cotton ones. Can I use the DNA filter for Off-Road use?

DNA has developed a unique filtering media that is perfect for off-road use. During the toughest rally in the world, DAKAR 2011 in Argentina - Chile, one of the factory Aprilia 450 Rally bikes, was racing with DNA filter. The results were very impressive compared to the rest of the team's bikes racing with foam filters. Every evening when the bikes were serviced, compared back to back the DNA filter and the foam filters, absolutely no dust had passed through and the engine was like new! Not to mention that one filter was enough for each day, compared to 2 or 3 foam filters per day the other bikes had to use. So this myth is busted!

Can I use the DNA filter un-oiled? Must I always apply oil after cleaning it?

No, you must never use the DNA filter un-oiled. The oil is a crucial part of the filtering media. You must always apply the Special DNA filter oil, not just any oil, after servicing the filter.


Absolutely no, DNA uses very special thixotropic polyurethane that will not leak in the filtering media reducing the active filtering area, when we produce our round filters. Concerning the panel filters, we will allow a controlled 3 to 5 mm leak, that is nothing compared to the uneven 10 to 15 mm leak that our competitors have.


I have a race bike. Do I need to use a filter and if yes why DNA?

Race bikes must be kept always in top condition, especially the engine. Debris and flying bugs found at the track, plus rubber from the bikes' tires in front, can seriously damage the engine. DNA will provide the maximum air flow and at the same time maximum protection. We do not compromise filtering efficiency in order to increase flow; we increase air flow using our revolutionary FCd design, maintaining the 4 layer reliable DNA filtering media. If you want the highest air flow and filtering efficiency of 98% for your race engine, then your only choice is DNA.


The DNA FCd design is an innovation by DNA. It allows the pleated filtering media to follow precisely the air box contour, regardless the complexity of the shape. Using the complete footprint of the air box, we eliminate "dead spots" that rob power and at the same time seriously increase air flow. Using DNA FCd technology, at least 20% and up to 80% more filtration area is common!


How often do I have to clean my DNA filter?

The servicing intervals depend on the environment that the vehicle is used. Once a year or every 15.000 to 30.000 km is suggested, to keep your DNA filter in top condition. An easy way to check if the filter needs cleaning, is to see if the wire mesh that that is on the dirty side, is visible.
If you can see the mesh, you can continue using the filter. If the mesh is totally covered in debris, you must clean the filter.

Can I use gasoline, thinners or compressed air to clean my DNA filter?

Absolutely no! You must treat your DNA filter as delicate textile. How woulld you clean an expensive and delicate garment? First of all read the cleaning instructions, then follow them carefully. Every DNA filter packaging & the DNA service products include detailed cleaning instructions. The procedure is very user friendly.


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